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Volume 12, numbers 3 and 4

Deborah Eade

Guest Editorial:


Section 1:
Power, culture and gender – challenges to organisational learning

Operationalising bottom-up learning in international NGOs: barriers and alternatives: Grant Power, Matthew Maury, and Susan Maury

Should development agencies have Official Views?: David Ellerman

Engendering organisational practice in NGOs: the case of Utthan: Sara Ahmed

Organisational Learning: a borrowed toolbox?: David Kelleher and the Gender at Work Collaborative

Making the organisation learn: demystification and management action: Vijay Padaki

Section 2:
Learning together: multi-institutional initiatives

Achieving successful academic-practitioner research collaborations: Laura Roper

Knowledge to action: evaluation for learning in a multi-organisational global partnership: Marla J. Solomon and A. Mushtaque R. Chowdhury

Guest learning and adaptation in the field: a Navajo case study: Gelaye Debebe

Can bilateral programmes become learning organisations? Experiences from institutionalising participation in Keiyo Marakwet in Kenya: Samuel Musyoki

A chocolate-coated case for alternative international business models: Pauline Tiffen

Section 3:
Levels of learning – organisational case studies

Learning leaders: the key to learning organisations: John Hailey and Rick James

Leading learning and change from the middle: re-conceptualising strategy’s purpose, content, and measures: Colin Beckwith, Kent Glenzer, and Alan Fowler

The struggle for organisational change: how the ActionAid Accountability, Learning and Planning System emerged: Patta Scott-Villiers

Heifer International: growing a learning organisation: Thomas S. Dierolf, Rienzzie Kern, Tim Ogborn, Mark Protti, and Marvin Schwartz

‘New learning in old organisations’: children’s participation in a school-based nutrition project in western Kenya: Charles Ogoye-Ndegwa, Domnic Abudho, and Jens Aagard-Hansen

Organisational learning in NGOs: an example of an intervention based on the work of Chris Argyris: Didier Bloch and Nora Borges

Mainstreaming disaster mitigation: challenges to organisational learning in NGOs: John Twigg and Diane Steiner

The learning process of the Local Capacities for Peace Project: Marshall Wallace

Humanitarian principles and organisational culture: everyday practice in Médecins sans Frontières-Holland: Dorothea Hilhorst and Nadja Schmiemann

Section 5:
Ways and means: tools and methods for learning and change

Perceptions and practices of monitoring and evaluation: international NGO experiences in Ethiopia: Esther Mebrahtu

Learning from complexity: the International Development Research Centre’s experience with Outcome Mapping: Sarah Earl and Fred Carden

Modelling learning programmes: Molly Den Heyer

Learning for change: the art of assessing the impact of advocacy work: Barry Coates and Rosalind David

Book Reviews

Development encounters: sites of participation and knowledge: Pauline E. Peters (ed.)

Global Governance and the New Wars: Mark Duffield

Managing for Change: Leadership, Strategy and Management in Asian NGOs: Ian Smillie and John Hailey

The Native Tourist: Mass Tourism Within Developing Countries: Ghimire, Krishna B. (ed.)

The Selfish Altruist: Relief Work in Famine and War: Tony Vaux

Abstracts in Translation



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