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02 June 09

‘The great strength of the series is its concentrated focus. Each title provides a systematic collation of a range of the most interesting things practitioners have had to say on that topic, and that topic alone.’
Paddy Reilly, Director, Development Studies Centre, Dublin

About the Development in Practice Readers series

Development in Practice Readers offer thematic collections drawn from the journal. Each book includes an original introductory essay, and an annotated resource list of recent publications, as well as relevant journals, organisations, and websites, together constituting an essential guide to cutting-edge thinking and action on the chosen topic. To view the complete set of annotated resource lists go to the Resources section under Further Reading.

The series was originally published by Oxfam GB and is now published by Kumarian Press. The correct copyright and ISBN details appear under the blurb of each title. Books in the series can be purchased from both Kumarian Press and Oxfam Publishing.

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When you select a title from the left-hand panel, you will be able to view the table of contents. For each title, the Preface and Introductory Essay are available in PDF format, and are also translated into French, Portuguese, and Spanish. If the full-text of a chapter is available in PDF format, this is clearly indicated. Where only a summary or abstract of the chapter is available, clicking on the link will take you to the issue of Development in Practice in which this originally appeared. Use the back button of your Internet browser to return to the table of contents of the Development in Practice Reader you had selected.

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