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13 May 09

About Development in Practice

The journal Development in Practice (DIP) was founded by Oxfam GB in 1991 and is published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. While the journal is editorially independent, the editorial and administrative team - the Editor-in-Chief, the Deputy Editor, and a part-time Production and Web Manager - are on the staff of Oxfam GB, which is the journal’s main sponsor and copyright holder. Deborah Eade became the Editor shortly after the journal was launched. Development in Practice is published in eight issues a year, one of which is a themed double issue produced in collaboration with a Guest Editor.

The Development in Practice Readers series was started in 1996, as a means of making articles published in the journal accessible to a wider audience by compiling them around specific themes. A valuable additional feature of each title in the series is the Annotated Resources List prepared by the editorial team, which provides an essential guide to cutting-edge thinking and action of the chosen topic. Published for nine years by Oxfam GB, the series moved to Kumarian Press in October 2004. Kumarian joined Stylus Publishing in 2008, from whom the backlist is now available. Six of the books have been translated into Spanish. These may be purchased from Intermón-Oxfam. A selection of Readers has been published by Rawat Publishers for exclusive distribution in SE Asia, and Rawat is the main publisher of Deconstructing Development Discourse: Buzzwords and Fuzzwords, due out in 2009.

The journal went online in 1995 and the website was launched in 2001, to celebrate our tenth anniversary year. It was completely re-designed by GreenNet in 2006 and is being overhauled in time for our 20th anniversary in 2010.

We are committed to making articles published in Development in Practice accessible to the widest possible audience and have always accepted contributions in our four working languages - French, Portuguese, and Spanish as well as English. We began translating article abstracts in 1995 and these are freely available on the website. In addition, we have commissioned full-text translations of selected articles into Spanish and Chinese was added in 2007. Our policy is to license organisations to translate articles, on condition of due acknowledgment of the original source for citation purposes.

We know that Internet access is poor or prohibitively expensive in many countries and plan to develop various CD-ROM packages to help to address this problem during 2009. We also invite visitors from low- and middle-income countries to take advantage of our Reduced Rate subscriptions, as well as the various means of acquiring articles free of charge or at low cost.

In June 2008, ELDIS began hosting a Development in Practice Group, which allows users to view and participate in discussions on articles published in the journal.

Development in Practice gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Oxfam America, Oxfam Australia, Oxfam Hong Kong, and Oxfam Novib. Without their funding, we could never have developed this multilingual website. Previous donors have included Intermón-Oxfam, Oxfam Canada, and Oxfam Ireland.

Thank you for your support.

Development in Practice is an invaluable resource for those with knowledge gained from experience to relate that knowledge to the various theories, trends, and fashions in development studies and policy - undoubtedly the journal for development practitioners undertaking further studies.’
Helen Hintjens, ISS, The Hague

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