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02 June 09


The development industry and its associated discourse are dominated by the English language and by Western intellectual and cultural traditions. Our translation policy is therefore geared to encouraging contributions from outside these mainstream parameters, with the broader aim of bringing alternative views and critical voices into the international arena.


We accept contributions in French, Portuguese, and Spanish and undertake to find referees who can work in the language in which the article is written. Once an article is accepted for publication, we will commission a professional translation into English.


While the language of the journal is English, abstracts (summaries of approximately 100 words each) of all published articles are translated into French, Portuguese, and Spanish, and  are posted on our website. We plan to make it possible for readers to register for new contents alerts in the language of their choice.

All basic information such as instructions for authors, subscription information, etc. is also posted in four languages, as are excerpts from each title in our book series, the Development in Practice Readers.

If the author is in agreement, we post a ‘pre-print’ of articles originally submitted in a language other than English.

Oxfam Hong Kong is also funding the translation of selected articles into Mandarin, also available on the website.

Six of the Development in Practice Readers have been published in Spanish; details can be found under the Books tab on the website.

Licensing policy

We license third-party translations at no fee, on condition that the original source is properly acknowledged and that the translation carries the following statement in English and in the language into which the article is translated:

This article is a translation by [NAME OF TRANSLATOR] of the article [ORIGINAL TITLE] by [NAME(S) OF AUTHORS] first published in the international journal Development in Practice Volume XX, Number YY, pp. A–Z, [YEAR OF PUBLICATION]. For citation purposes, the article as published in Development in Practice constitutes the final and definitive version. The journal is available online at:

Neither the Editor, the publisher, nor the copyright holder can be held responsible for errors of translation, or for views or opinions expressed in the material that are beyond a direct translation of the original English text.

We can commission professional translations on request, for which we must charge a modest management fee in addition to the translator’s costs. 

Any problems?

Our regular professional translators have worked with Development in Practice for many years and have a good understanding of the subject matter. However, If you happen to spot a serious mistranslation, please let us know as everyone concerned would want to put it right.

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