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13 May 09

Call for papers

Special Issue on Food Security and Poverty: Call for Papers now launched (download as pdf or doc).

Development in Practice is

  • An international journal offering practice-based analysis and research concerning the social dimensions of development and humanitarianism. A worldwide forum for debate and the exchange of ideas among practitioners, academics, and policy shapers, including activists and NGOs, the journal challenges current assumptions in order to stimulate new thinking and ways of working.

    It is currently published in February, May, April, June, August, September and November  and includes at least one thematic guest-edited issue in each volume. In 2008, Nina Lilja and John Dixon were the guest editors of Operationalising Participatory Research and Gender Analysis. In 2009, the journal increased to 8 issues a year.

  • A book series

  • A multilingual website offering

    • Full-text access to selected articles in English, español, français, português and 简体中文
    • All essential information in English, français, português, and español (to move from one language to another, click on the relevant link in the top right-hand corner of each page)
    • Summaries of every article published in the journal and each book chapter in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish

  • Further Reading

    • Book Buys – links to relevant publishers in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish
    • Resources – annotated resources on topics relating to development and humanitarianism (in English and Spanish)
    • Book Shelf – summaries of a selection of books received (in English only)
    • Book Reviews – full-text access to critical book reviews published since 2001 (English only)

    • NEW! ELDIS provides unrestricted full-text access to articles published in the journal, and also hosts a Development in Practice Discussion Group enabling readers to comment on and discuss issues arising from our content. ELDIS offers a gateway to development resources free of charge to anyone, anywhere, any time, without restriction.


      ‘An essential journal for keeping practitioners in touch with one another, and for keeping academics in touch with practice.’ Hugo Slim, Director, Corporates for Crisis

      Development in Practice provides outstanding insight on contemporary development issues. Anyone interested in generating knowledge for action will find it a powerful, provocative, and practical tool.’
      Sarah Shannon, Director, Hesperian Foundation

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