Articles authored by Ahmed, Sara

Conference Report

The Institute of Rural Management at Anand (IRMA) in Gujarat, India, convened a workshop in April 1993 involving social scientists, environmentalists and gender experts, from India and the UK. Discussions centred on the application of gender analysis to the relationship between women, men, and the environment, and its implications for development and environment practice. Participants felt that NGOs working on gender-aware development must first analyse their own internal structures.


In the late 1970s, feminist social scientists began to challenge some of the assumptions underlying the dominant paradigms on organisations, arguing that they reflect and are structured by the values articulated within the larger institutional arenas in which they are embedded, thus reproducing gender-discriminatory outcomes. This paper unpacks the deep structure of one NGO, Utthan, based in Gujarat, India, to understand the extent to which it is an engendering organisation.