Past featured articles

The list below provides links to past featured articles:

April 2014

Configuring ‘country ownership’: patterns of donor-recipient relations
Anne L. Buffardi

December 2013-January 2014

“They don't garden here”: NGO constructions of Maya gardening practices in Belize
Douglas C. Reeser

October-November 2013

How do international development agencies approach peacebuilding in a sub-national conflict?
Adam Burke

August-September 2013

Community collaboration in development work with young people: perspectives from Zambian communities
Iain Lindsey

June-July 2013

Dyna-mics of multi-local gifts: practices of humanitarian giving in post-tsunami Sri Lanka
Pia Hollenbach

May 2013

Cultivated, caught, and collected: defining culturally appropriate foods in Tallé, Niger
Alexandra M. Towns, Daniel Potter & Sadou Idrissa

April 2013

Reaching beyond the health post: Community-based surveillance for polio eradication
Dora Curry, Filimona Bisrat, Ellen Coates & Penny Altman

March 2013

An investigation into the training of community development workers within South Africa
Peter Westoby & Rubert van Blerk

January-February 2013 

Unintended consequences of development interventions: a case of diarrhoeal diseases, Ruhiira, Uganda
Shai A. Divon & Cassandra E. Bergstrøm 

More practical lessons from five projects on disability-inclusive development
Sue Coe

December 2012

Is the doctor on? In search of users for medical software in rural Himalayas
Payal Arora

Signs speak as loud as words: deaf empowerment in Namibia
Davíð Bjarnason*, Valgerður Stefánsdóttir & Lizette Beukes

November 2012

Corporate social responsibility performance in the Niger Delta: beyond two constitutive orthodoxies
Kiikpoye K. Aaron

NGOs and post-violence community development: holistic, multi-track ventures in Afghanistan
Chuck Thiessen

September-October 2012

Fostering “Why not?” social initiatives – beyond business and governments

Henry Mintzberg & Guilherme Azevedo 

August 2012

Religion and development: subjecting religious perceptions and organisations to scrutiny

Carole Rakodi

July 2012

Thinking about faith-based organisations in development: where have we got to and what next?

Emma Tomalin

Trajectories of transnational Muslim NGOs

Marie Juul Petersen

June 2012

Introduction: Development, children, and protection

William Myers and Michael Bourdillon

The spatialization of child protection: notes from the occupied Palestinian territory

Jason Hart