Articles authored by Appleford, Gabrielle

Practical Notes

Women's groups in Papua New Guinea, often under the influence of colonial and church governance in the past, still have an ambiguous function which serves to isolate women and `women's issues' rather than spread gender sensitivity. The author concludes that the existence of these forums for women actually encourages the continued marginalisation of women from governing and decision-making structures, since women's groups `tend to operate from separate and unequal spheres of influence'.


The Community Health Worker (CHW) literature is expansive, covering more than 30 years of interest in the concept. Despite this, understanding of CHW motivation and the effectiveness of monetary incentives is limited. Using self-determination theory (SDT) as an explanatory framework, the article outlines some of the roles and functions that CHWs have filled within health and community systems, CHW motivation, and how different factors either enhance or detract from this.

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