Articles authored by Graham, Olivia


As the development agenda becomes more and more led by the preoccupations of Southern non-government organisations (NGOs) it becomes increasingly crucial that good communications flows are encouraged and maintained between development practitioners. Project staff have frequently been the underclass of the development world, often isolated, left to execute decisions made by others, poorly serviced in terms of training and information and none more so than the women amongst them. Yet they are the very people on whom the implementation of good development practice rests.
The last few years have seen a major rethinking of some of the hallowed assumptions of range ecology and range-management practice. The usefulness of terms such as 'vegetation succession', 'carrying capacity', and 'desertification' is being reassessed, particularly for the dry rangelands which are dominated by highly variable rainfall and episodic, chance events such as drought. This article examines the management and policy implications of this thinking for pastoral development in dryland areas.