Articles authored by Marcuello, Carmen


The authors describe the phenomena of `perverse inertias' - effects and tendencies which are the opposite of what was intended - in the context of Southern responses to Northern NGOs. Two specific impacts on recipient populations are discussed. `The project culture', where `beneficiaries' feel compelled to invent as many projects as they can, in line with areas of perceived funding possibilities, which may not reflect real or most sorely felt needs. And `living by the wound', whereby communities recount their sufferings in order to receive assistance.


Markets and businesses are undergoing major changes as globalisation deepens. Pressure from diverse social groups, both environmental and economic, is changing the operating environment. Many corporations are interested in devising social-responsibility strategies, both as a response to outside pressures and in their own interests. Against this background, this article considers the case of Inditex, a company based in Galicia, and the ‘harassment’ to which it was subjected by Setem, the Spanish chapter of the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC).