Articles authored by Narayanasamy, N.

Technical Notes

Cooperatives in general are considered to be in crisis, dominated by self-centered and short-sighted outsiders seeking power. The Primary Agricultural Cooperatives (PACs) in India, which were considered to be the nucleus of rural life, have lost their values and character and appear to have nothing to do with the people whom they were intended to benefit. This is due to: the PACs' failure to recycle credit effectively; their failure to become self-supporting; and intervention and interference in the form of State partnership. The three factors are closely interrelated.

Practical Notes

The results and discussions are presented of a participatory rural appraisal workshop held at the Sothuparai Reservoir Project, Tamil Nadu, India. The workshop was held at the heart of the dam site in the dense mango groves with farmers from two different categories. The first group was of those who would benefit from the irrigation, the second of those who would have to give up their land. Abstract supplied by kind permission of CABI.