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In this interview, Rosemary Thorp, an expert on the political economy of Latin America and currently Oxfam GB Chair of Trustees, discusses the impact that decentralisation reforms have had in promoting development and deepening democratic governance in the region. Focusing in particular in the experiences of Chile and Colombia, Thorp argues that, while the process of democratic decentralisation is promising, it needs to overcome multiple challenges if it is to live up to its full potential.
The abrupt closure of the WTO Summit in Cancún in September 2003 without any formal agreement dealt a powerful blow to what had been designated as the ‘development round’ in Doha in 2001—and with it to the promise that the concerns of most interest to developing countries would for the first time take precedence in international trade discussions. In this interview, Adrian Lovett, Campaigns and Communications Director of Oxfam GB, talks about the collapse of the summit and about what the future of international trade negotiations may hold.

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This annotated list highlights some 70 recent publications and organisations that focus primarily on what happens after rather than before or during armed conflict. Issues covered include the political, economic, and social aspects of post-war reconstruction, and questions related to transitional justice and post-conflict reconciliation, and we have sought to offer a sample of the growing theoretical and empirical literature analysing the contemporary challenges involved in peace building and post-war reconstruction.