Articles authored by Schroeder, Kent

Practical Notes

Results-based management (RBM) is well entrenched as a management tool for international development practice. Yet after a decade of its use, many development practitioners view RBM in a negative light, considering it to be a donor requirement that diverts time, energy, and resources away from actually doing development work. This article provides some broad reflections on RBM from a distinctive vantage point: the perspective of the project (or programme) evaluator.

Identifying risks and risk-mitigation strategies at the project design stage is a key part of managing development projects. Yet, experience in the field suggests that many risks that derail projects are unknowable during project design. Risk management needs to evolve to respond effectively to these unexpected risks. We argue that the concept of resilience can provide insight into responding better to unexpected risks. The article describes the nature of resilience and outlines a number of practical strategies to build resilience into projects to respond to risk more effectively.