Articles authored by Vernooy, Ronnie


This article examines the capacity-building experiences of two research teams in Yunnan and Guizhou provinces in southwest China who used participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) to strengthen their development research actions, particularly in the area of natural resource management (NRM). The authors describe their efforts to incorporate PM&E practices in their work. The process proved challenging despite political and economic changes in China that aim to allow more space for local voice and decision-making power in the management of natural resources and other village affairs.

Practical Notes

Although herders in Mongolia are embracing modernity, their livelihoods remain largely dependent on the weather and resulting grassland conditions. In recent years, natural resource degradation has made livestock production more risky. Severe weather events such as storms, droughts, and extremely harsh winters have been on the increase. Timely and adequate weather forecasts could help herders to cope more effectively with these changing circumstances. The Erdenedalai weather and early warning network in the Gobi desert represents a unique initiative to read the weather more carefully.