Articles authored by van Klinken, Rinus

Practical Notes

This article describes Learning Platforms, a structured effort by the Dutch-based agency SNV to encourage its expert advisers to engage in reading and analysing academic research related to the context in which they work, and to undertake research of their own.


Decentralisation is a policy feature common to many African countries. Local governance is therefore gaining in relevance, though not yet in clarity. Based on the experience of a development project in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, the article examines the case of local governance in practice, grounding this in a historical analysis and focusing on the relationship between local government and civil society.

This article shares the approach and experiences of a joint immersion of two organisations in Tanzania. Immersions have a profound effect on individuals and strongly stimulate individual learning. Wishing to go beyond that, an immersion was designed with the aim of also contributing to organisational learning. With an increasingly complex and dynamic situation, organisational approaches and strategies need to closely fit within the local context. Immersions are good tools for development practitioners to appreciate this context and form an important part of the organisational learning demanded from development organisations.

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