Development and Humanitarianism: Practical Issues

Edited by: 
Eade, Deborah
Edited by: 
Vaux, Tony

ImageHumanitarian intervention invariably rubs shoulders with politics, albeit awkwardly and sometimes even with tragic results. Tensions between them take many forms, ranging from different assessments of the extent or even the existence of a crisis to claims that humanitarian assistance is not saving innocent lives but sustaining politico-military forces, or to the conclusion that the constraints upon them compel aid agencies to withdraw from the area of operation completely - whether to ensure the safety of their own staff or because they believe that their integrity is unacceptably compromised by staying.

Development and Humanitarianism addresses these and other dilemmas that aid agencies face in interpreting the principles of humanitarianism in contexts where they risk being manipulated by political agendas. The contributors have extensive experience as frontline aid workers, agency policy makers, academics and researchers, and professional consultants around the world. Like every book in the Development in Practice Readers series, Development and Humanitarianism draws on the contents of the acclaimed international journal, Development in Practice and includes an annotated resource list of recent publications, relevant journals, organizations and websites presenting a cutting-edge guide to thinking and action.


Preface: Deborah Eade

Introduction: Humanitarian trends and dilemmas, Tony Vaux

1. The Politics of Violence: Humanitarian Responses

The politics of emergency and the demise of the developing state: problems for humanitarian advocacy
Vanessa Pupavac

Post-war aid: patterns and purposes
Astri Suhrke and Julia Buckmaster

Humanitarianism and politics: the dangers of contrived separation
Volker Schimmel

2. Helping People Protect Themselves?

Who really protects civilians?
Andrew Bonwick

Colombian peace communities: the role of NGOs in supporting community resistance to violence and oppression
Gretchen Alther

Women and war: protection through empowerment in El Salvador
Martha Thompson and Deborah Eade

3. Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Examples of Humanitarian Practice

Everyday practices of humanitarian aid: tsunami response in Sri Lanka
Udan Fernando and Dorothea Hilhorst

Aid partnership in the Bougainville conflict: the case of Leitana Nehan Women’s Development Agency and its donors
Jonathan Makuwira

Art and disarmament: turning arms into ploughshares in Mozambique
Frank James Tester

Mission impossible: gender, conflict, and Oxfam GB
Suzanne Williams

4. Reviews and Resources

Women, gender, and conflict: making the connections
Martha Thompson

Selected resources on contemporary issues in humanitarianism

Deborah Eade



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