Development for Health

Edited by: 
Eade, Deborah

Development for Health cover scanThe achievement of ‘Health for All by the Year 2000’ has been the declared goal of the international community for almost 20 years. The 1978 Alma Ata Declaration acknowledged that health and well-being depend as much on social justice and community participation as on technical or medical interventions. Yet, with deepening economic disparity within and between nations, and with near-universal cuts in public spending on health services, millions of people are denied access to even basic care. Community participation of reduced to paying for treatment, a cruel parody of the right to participate in shaping health and social-welfare policies which was affirmed two decades ago. In this collection, Patricia Diskett and Patricia Nickson take a critical look at the financing of health care from the perspective of poverty-focused NGOs, while Chris Roys and Hilary Hughes variously explore the issues of policy and practice posed by the challenge of HIV/AIDS. Sundari Ravindran and Anne LaFond consider the social and cultural constraints on health-seeking behaviour, particularly in the case of women, while Teresa Cresswell describes how deprived urban communities in the United Kingdom took practical steps to shape a healthier environment for themselves.

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Deborah Eade

Over the edge: health-care provision, development, and marginalisation
Eleanor Hill

Research on women’s health: some methodological issues
T. K. Sundari Ravindran

Deterrents to immunisation in Somalia: a study of mothers’ attitudes
Anne LaFond

Participatory appraisal in the UK urban health sector: keeping faith with perceived needs
Teresa Cresswell

Stressed, depressed or bewitched? A perspective on mental health, culture, and religion
Vikram Patel, Jane Mutambirwa, and Sekai Mhiwatiwa

Training indigenous workers in mental health care
Jane Shackman and Jill Reynolds

The psychosocial effects of conflict in the Third World
Derek Summerfield

Financing primary health care: an NGO perspective
Patricia Diskett and Patricia Nickson

Population control on the new world order
Betsy Hartmann

Adjusting health care: the case of Nicaragua
Centro de Información y Servicios de Asesoría en Salud (CISAS)

Evaluating HIV/AIDS programmes
Hilary Hughes

Widows’ and orphans’ property disputes: the impact of AIDS in Rakai District, Uganda
Chris Roys

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‘The list of references and the annotated bibliography is extensive and should be useful for a wide range of people--absolute beginners, health-care workers involved in capacity building, and people with experience but little formal training in health promotion planning or evaluation. I would not hesitate in recommending this book to anybody with an interest in health evaluation and program planning in the developing world.’
- Baffour Takyi, University of Akron