Development with Women

Edited by: 
Eade, Deborah
Many practitioners and thinkers have tried to make women ‘matter’ in development. However, women-focused approaches have often sought to address women’s needs outside the wider social contexts in which they live. As a result, they have been perhaps more damaging than earlier ‘gender-blind’ efforts which simply ignored women’s specific concerns. Dorienne Rowan-Campbell introduces papers on issues such as ‘mainstreaming’ versus specialisation, methodologies for incorporating gender analysis into planning and evaluation, the limitations of gender training, the unintended impacts of women-focused credit programmes, and how institutional policies to promote gender equity are often tacitly undermined by patriarchal interests. Papers are drawn from South Asia, Latin America, and sub-Saharan Africa. 


Deborah Eade

Introductory essay: Development with Women
Dorienne Rowan-Campbell

Targeting women or transforming institutions? Policy lessons from NGO anti-poverty efforts
Naila Kabeer

Women in the informal sector: the contribution of education and training
Fiona Leach

The evaporation of gender policies in the patriarchal cooking pot
Sara Hlupelike Longwe

Participatory development: an approach sensitive to class and gender
Dan Connell

Sanctioned violence: development and the persecution of women as witches in South Bihar
Puja Roy

Men's violence against women in rural Bangladesh: undermined or exacerbated by microcredit programmes?
Sidney Ruth Schuler, Syed M. Hashemi, and Shamsul Huda Badal

Domestic violence, deportation, and women’s resistance
Purna Sen

Women entrepreneurs in the Bangladeshi restaurant business
Mahmuda Rahman Khan

Empowerment examined
Jo Rowlands

The Zimbabwe Women's Resource Centre and Network
Hope Chigudu

Dealing with hidden issues: trafficked women in Nepal
Meena Poudel and Anita Shrestha

Power, institutions and gender relations: can gender training alter the equations?
Ranjani K. Murthy

Soup kitchens, women and social policy: case studies
Luiba Kogan

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‘A useful collection of articles which provide an excellent insight into the practice of development and the contribution that women can and do make to the process. It provides a good overview and will certainly be on my reading list.’
– Professor Haleh Afshar, University of York