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Widows' and orphans' property disputes: the impact of AIDS in Rakai District, Uganda

A survey in the Rakai District in 1989 put the number of orphans at 25,000; by 1991 a population census counted 44,000, a growth the author attributes to the AIDS pandemic. The Child Social Care Project (CSCP) in Rakai works with widows and orphans to add ...

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Physical, psychological, and political displacement in Angola and Mozambique (Paper from Symposium)

This symposium, co-hosted by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) and the South Africa Office of Oxfam, drew together individuals and organisations working in the areas of violence, conflict and peace-building. Here, the author d ...

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Developing leaders? Developing countries?

A visit to Ghana, with the hosts interested in developing leaders and the guest interested in developing countries, led to a questioning of both. Three approaches to development were discussed. The top-down government planning approach, discredited with t ...

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Fragile states

Since the 1990s, states that lack the capacity to discharge their normal functions and drive forward development have been referred to as ‘fragile states’. This article focuses on Africa, which not only has the largest concentration of prototypical fragil ...

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Skills development in South Africa: Group Five’s social investment project

The boom in the construction industry in South Africa has drawn attention to the need for skills development. This article reports on an evaluation of the ‘People at the Gate’ training programme initiated by Group Five in Gauteng and Mpumalanga Provinces. ...

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When Victims Become Killers: Colonialism, Nativism and the Genocide in Rwanda

Author:  Mamdani, Mahmood Publisher:  Oxford: James Currey, 2001, ISBN: 0 85255 ...

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The Sahel: The People's Right To Development

Author:  Cross, Nigel Issue:  Volume 1, Number ...

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Addressing the research–development disconnect: lessons from East and Central African Highlands

A growing concern about the limited impact of agricultural research and development on natural-resources management (NRM) and livelihoods in the highlands of East and Central Africa led to the establishment in 1995 of the African Highlands Initiative, w ...

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Beyond war: ‘suffering’ among displaced Congolese children in Dar es Salaam

This paper examines Congolese children's experiences of war and displacement in the context of the material, social, and relational aspects of their lives in Dar es Salaam. It argues that the challenges, privations and indignities of daily life in urban ...

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