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Aiding and abetting the politicians?

The British government has increasingly assumed the role of international arbiter and peacekeeper, both with and without a UN mandate. The hijacking of the moral high ground and recurrent assertion of global consensus - even in the presence of overwhelmin ...

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NGOs, civil society and the State: building democracy in transitional countries

40 participants from 24 countries took part in this workshop, organised by the International NGO Training and Research Centre (INTRAC) in Oxford, UK. Much of the workshop was spent trying to reach agreement on what civil society means, and the degree to w ...

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Dismantling former Yugoslavia, recolonising Bosnia

Recent conflicts in the Balkans have been portrayed largely in terms of ethnic and religious divisions, with Western military and diplomatic intervention seen as essential to securing a positive outcome. However, these divisions are the consequence of a d ...

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Developing policy on integration and re/construction in Kosova

The Gender Audit (GA) and associated reports and reviews drawn upon in this article enable an evaluation of how far the intervention processes at work in Kosova since 1999 have been inclusive of gender analysis and supportive of women's and girls' needs a ...

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Kosovo: missed opportunities, lessons for the future

The growth in the number of 'small wars' has led to a proliferation of post-conflict reconstruction efforts. The experience in the Balkans with post-war reconstruction can provide a significant contribution to further learning, as much learning still need ...

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War’s Offensive on Women: The Humanitarian Challenge in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan

Author:  Mertus, Julie A. Publisher:  Bloomfield, CT: Kumarian Press, 2000, ISB ...

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The War Next Door: A Study of Second-track Intervention during the War in ex-Yugoslavia

Author:  Large, Judith Issue:  Volume 8, Numbe ...

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