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Post-conflict pro-poor private sector development: the case of Timor-Leste

Post-conflict recovery and development is the subject of current attention and a major challenge is that of post-conflict economic development, which is central to reducing poverty and improving local livelihoods. In this regard, many post-conflict develo ...

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The World Bank's land of kiosks: Community Driven Development in Timor-Leste

The World Bank's Community Empowerment and Local Governance Project (CEP) was the key donor programme to assist with community reconstruction in a newly independent Timor-Leste. Commencing in 2000, the US$18 million project provided funds to over 400 loca ...

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Children of war in the Philippines: introducing Creative Process Therapy into the work of the Children's Rehabilitation Center in Davao City

Political armed conflict has important ramifications in the lives of children as individuals and in terms of social development more generally. However, the emotional problems faced by children during and after war or political violence are rarely conside ...

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Institutional development in practice: a case-study from the Tibetan refugee community

There is growing interest in organisational and institutional development, or capacity-building, but little understanding of what these involve in practice. This article provides a case-study of a successful long-term programme of institutional developmen ...

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Another invasion: lessons from the international support to East Timorese NGOs

This article seeks to contribute to the debate on collaboration between national and international NGOs. It argues that it is vital for the development of stable, independent, and viable civil societies that the international NGOs promote a bottom-up appr ...

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