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Leveraging change in the working conditions of UK homeworkers

The debate among NGO and union activists about how to improve working conditions and labour rights has been dominated by proponents of specific approaches, arguing variously that the best route is through company codes, legislation, organisation of worker ...

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The Ethical Trading Initiative: 10th Anniversary Conference

This article reports on the tenth anniversary conference of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), drawing attention to the irony that just as progress is being made on the situation of home workers (among the least protected of all working people) the t ...

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Women's empowerment and micro-finance programmes: strategies for increasing impact

The Small Enterprise Development Fund of the Department for International Development (DFID) of the British Government commissioned a literature review and held workshops, both co-ordinated by ActionAid UK, to assess the impact of micro-finance schemes on ...

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Microcredit in Spain: a comparison with the Southern approach

Summary: Microcredit is a means of providing financial services to people who lack access to conventional credit sources. New programmes in the North are endeavour to emulate successful experiences in the South. But such programmes have their own characte ...

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NGOs, corporate social responsibility, and social accountability: Inditex vs. Clean Clothes

Markets and businesses are undergoing major changes as globalisation deepens. Pressure from diverse social groups, both environmental and economic, is changing the operating environment. Many corporations are interested in devising social-responsibility s ...

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Diasporas as 'agents of development': transforming brain drain into brain gain? The Dutch example

This article is based on research that explored and analysed the potential role of diasporas in development aid in the Netherlands. The research adopted the hypothesis that development agencies could benefit from the knowledge, skills, and views of diaspo ...

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The Power to Choose: Bangladeshi Women and Labour Market Decisions in London and Dhaka

Author:  Kabeer, Naila Publisher:  London: Verso, 2002, ISBN: 1 85984 206 2, 320 ...

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