Guidance Notes

Guidance Notes for Submissions to Development in Practice

Please refer to the Notes for Contributors for detailed presentational requirements.

1. Article
An article of a maximum of 6500 words which contributes to development thinking, policy, and practice, and is relevant and accessible to a diverse international readership. Articles should not rely primarily on secondary sources, assume advanced specialist knowledge on the part of the reader, or be substantively based on fieldwork conducted more than two years before submission. Articles are peer reviewed.

2. Viewpoint
Opinion pieces of 2500–3500 words reflecting on a current policy or practice concern that are intended to be lively rather than scholarly and generally take a critical or unconventional stance towards the subject in hand. These are not always subject to peer review.

3. Practical Notes
Concise empirical accounts of up to 3000 words usually concerning a specific experience or topic, but presented in a way that will interest a wide international readership. These are not always subject to peer review.

4. Research Roundup
Accounts of up to 2000 words of ongoing or recently completed research that is demonstrably practice-relevant either because of its methodology and/or the findings. Authors should indicate how and by whom the research will be applied and how readers can acquire the full or final product.

5. Literature Reviews
Essays of 4000–6500 words (inclusive of notes and references) that focus on current and classic works on a given subject. The essay should provide an accessible guide to the chosen theme, highlighting key works and critical thinkers and/or practitioners.

6. Book Reviews
Book reviews should not exceed 900 words (1200 words for a comparative review), and provide an overview of the content, scope, and relevance of the book(s). Notes and references are strongly discouraged.

7. Essential Reading
Articles of 1500-1800 words, where the author considers three books, published in the last 30 years, which they deem ‘essential reading’ in their particular area of development. The article should give a short summary of each of book and why it is particularly insightful, ground-breaking or applicable.