Development and Advocacy

Edited by: 
Eade, Deborah

Development and Advocacy cover scanMost major development NGOs dedicate significant resources to advocacy. Many also work to inform and shape public opinion, whether through advertising or fundraising, or thorough education programmes. They argue that fundamental change is not achieved until the policy environment is right, and cannot be sustained without a groundswell of support for reform. In recent years, however, advocacy work has come under increasing criticism. NGOs are challenged on the grounds of legitimacy: whom do they represent, and to whom are they accountable? … of effectiveness: what practical impact does high-level advocacy have on the lives of people living in poverty, and who is to judge this: … of role: should NGOs try to combine funding and advocacy, or do these demand different kinds of South-North relationship?… and of strategy: are NGOs too readily seduced by agencies like the World Bank or by the corporate sector? When does constructive engagement with these powerful bodies turn into co-option by them? As international grassroots advocacy is becoming more vocal, thanks to new communication technologies, what is the appropriate role for Northern NGOs?

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Deborah Eade

Introductory Essay: Development and advocacy
Maria Teresa Diokno-Pascual

NGOs and advocacy: how well are the poor represented?
Warren Nyamugasira

The international anti-debt campaign: a Southern activist view for activists in ‘the North’ … and ‘the South’
Dot Keet

Human rights and religious backlash: the experience of a Bangladeshi NGO
Mohammed Rafi and A.M.R. Chowdhury

Disaster without memory: Oxfam's drought programme in Zambia
K Pushpanath

Campaigning: a fashion or the best way to change the global agenda?
Gerd Leipold

Northern NGO advocacy: perceptions, reality, and the challenge
Ian Anderson

‘Does the doormat influence the boot?’ Critical thoughts on UK NGOs and international advocacy
Michael Edwards

The effectiveness of NGO campaigning: lessons from practice
Jennifer Chapman

Heroism and ambiguity: NGO advocacy in international policy
Paul Nelson

Northern words, Southern meanings
Carmen Marcuello and Chaime Marcuello

Menchú Tum, Stoll, and martyrs of solidarity
Larry Reid

The people’s communication charter
Cees J. Hamelink

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‘An important contribution to the debate on the future of NGO advocacy work … [providing] an interdisciplinary approach and a comprehensive analysis of this controversial topic.’  Culturelink

‘… full of ripe, clear testimonies and discussions from a collection of knowledgeable Southern and Northern contributors. The anthology is an opportunity to delve into the disparities between what NGOs advocate, the paradoxes within them, how they behave and the reality of their operations. … under-graduates, NGO workers, those who have been in the field 30 years, all will find something of value in the anthology. The style is wholly accessible, encouraging those who may not know the intricacies of the issue to experiment more in their analysis of advocacy.’  INTRAC