Development and Agroforestry: Scaling Up the Impacts of Research

Edited by: 
Franzel, Steven
Edited by: 
Cooper, Peter
Edited by: 
Denning, Glenn L.
Edited by: 
Eade, Deborah

ImageAgriculturalists have been benefiting from the range of products and services that trees can supply for thousands of years. Through the integration of trees into agricultural landscapes, farmers and land users at all levels can enjoy diversified production, and a range of social, economic, and environmental benefits. Agroforestry is the scientific application of this widespread body of knowledge. This stimulating collection explores the experiences of researchers and small-scale farmers undertaking agroforestry development projects around the globe, and addresses the question of how local, small-scale development successes can be ‘scaled up’ to create wider, long-term benefits. Each of the contributions offers insights into important wider debates. The relationship between theory and practice, the proper role of research in development, constraints on ‘scaling up’ local successes, the nature of human motivation for risk-taking and learning, and the ways in which individuals and communities respond to technical innovation, are all critically explored here. Contributors stress the importance of experimenting with a range of possible agroforestry techniques and approaches, in conjunction with the farming communities that will adopt or reject these methods over time. Readers from all backgrounds and disciplines will find in this volume a highly accessible collection of papers, informed by extensive experience, and relevant to development policy and practice in the broadest sense.


Deborah Eade

Introduction: Realising the potential of agroforestry: integrating research and development to achieve greater impact
Glenn L. Denning

Participatory design of agroforestry systems: developing farmer participatory research methods in Mexico
Jeremy Haggar, Alejandro Ayala, Blanca Díaz and Carlos Uc Reyes

Participatory domestication of agroforestry trees: an example from the Peruvian Amazon
John C. Weber, Carmen Sotelo Montes, Héctor Vidaurre, Ian K. Dawson and Anthony J. Simons

Facilitating the wider use of agroforestry for development in southern Africa
Andreas Böhringer

Scaling up participatory agroforestry extension in Kenya: from pilot projects to extension policy
T. M. Anyonge, Christine Holding, K. K. Kareko and J. W. Kimani

More effective natural resource management through democratically elected, decentralised government structures in Uganda
Thomas Raussen, Geoffrey Ebong and Jimmy Musiime

On-farm testing and dissemination of agroforestry among slash-and-burn farmers in Nagaland, India
Merle D. Faminow, K. K. Klein and Project Operations Unit

Scaling up the use of fodder shrubs in central Kenya
Charles Wambugu, Steven Franzel, Paul Tuwei and George Karanja

The Landcare experience in the Philippines: technical and institutional innovations for conservation farming
Agustin R. Mercado, Jr, Marcelino Patindol and Dennis P. Garrity

Scaling up adoption and impact of agroforestry technologies: experiences from western Kenya
Qureish Noordin, Amadou Niang, Bashir Jama and Mary Nyasimi

Scaling up the benefits of agroforestry research: lessons learned and research challenges
Steven Franzel, Peter Cooper and Glenn L. Denning


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