Development and Management: Experiences in Value-Based Conflict

Edited by: 
Eade, Deborah
Edited by: 
Hewitt, Tom
Edited by: 
Johnson, Hazel

ImageDevelopment is a complex process of negotiation over meanings, values, and social goals within the sphere of public action, and not simply a question of project-based interventions, or of quantifiable inputs and outputs. This collection draws on The Open University’s work on development management and includes articles that range from accounts of civil society organisations in Brazil to NGOs in Egypt, and from government departments in Tanzania and Poland, donors in Bangladesh, to black feminist activists in the UK.


Deborah Eade

Introductory Essay: Development management and the aid chain: the case of NGOs
Tina Wallace

What makes good development management?
Alan Thomas

Tools for project development within a public action framework
David Wield

Institutional sustainability as learning
Hazel Johnson and Gordon Wilson

Managing institutional change in the science and technology systems of Eastern Europe and East Africa
Jo Chataway and Tom Hewitt

Inclusive planning and allocation for rural services
Doug Porter and Martin Onyach-Olaa

Finding out rapidly: a soft systems approach to training needs analysis in Thailand
Simon Bell

Matching services with local preferences: managing primary education services in a rural district of India
Ramya Subrahmanian

The development management task and reform of ‘public’ social services
Dorcas Robinson

An endogenous empowerment strategy: a case-study of Nigerian women
P. Kassey Garba

Fundraising in Brazil: the major implications for civil society organisations and international NGOs
Michael Bailey

Routes of funding, roots of trust? Northern NGOs, Southern NGOs, donors, and the rise of direct funding
David Lewis and Babar Sobhan

Relevance in the twenty-first century: the case for devolution and global association of international NGOs
Alan Fowler

Northern words, Southern readings
Carmen Marcuello and Chaime Marcuello

Whose terms? Observations on ‘development management’ in an English city
Richard Pinder

Information Technology and the management of corruption
Richard Heeks

Petty corruption and development
Stephen P. Riley

The need for reliable systems: gendered work in Oxfam's Uganda programme
Lina Payne and Ines Smyth

Domestic violence, deportation, and women's resistance: notes on managing inter-sectionality
Purna Sen

A day in the life of a development manager
David Crawford, Michael Mambo, Zainab Mdimi, Harriet Mkilya, Anna Mwambuzi, Matthias Mwiko, and Sekiete Sekasua, with Dorcas Robinson

Funding preventive or curative care? the Assiut Burns Project
Norma Burnett

Small enterprise opportunities in municipal solid waste management
John P. Grierson and Ato Brown

An innovative community-based waste disposal scheme in Hyderabad
Mariëlle Snel

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‘… challenges received wisdom, covers key issues, and balances theory and practice. Among the contributors there is a good balance between practically oriented academics and reflective practitioners. The book is honest about problems, and provides the raw materials for their resolution without the reader feeling that the book is peddling pet solutions. It meets a real need and should be of interest to students, thoughtful practitioners and scholars alike.’
Public Administration and Development