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Corporate accountability to the poor? Assessing the effectiveness of community-based strategies

This paper investigates how, why, and when community-based strategies are effective in promoting corporate accountability (CA) to the poor. It argues that mainstream approaches to corporate social responsibility (CSR) underestimate the importance of power ...

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Hazards, globalisation, and sustainability

The authors report on this workshop, held at the Flood Hazard Research Centre at Middlesex University, which brought together participants experienced in each of these three fields to share their knowledge and enrich each other's understanding. There was ...

Abstract - admin - 2009-09-30 18:01

Development in motion: what to think about migration?

Recent interest in migrant remittances as a development resource calls attention to a deeper issue: the relationship between migration and development. Remittances may be a significant source of economic inflows to poor countries and regions, but their ac ...

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Inclusive Citizenship: Meanings and Expressions

Author:  Kabeer, Naila (ed.) Publisher:  New Delhi/London: Zubaan/Zed Books, 20 ...

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Getting to the 21st Century: Voluntary Action and the Global Agenda

Author:  Korten, David C . Issue:  Volume 1, Nu ...

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