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Quem se importa com a participação? Tudo o que é necessário é um outro texto para continuar as dívidas e empréstimos

O Banco Mundial e o FMI propuseram a estrutura do Documento sobre a Estratégia de Redução da Pobreza (Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper - PRSP) a todos os países pobres como condição para receberem ajuda incondicional com a dívida sob a iniciativa dos HIPC ...

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Editorial (21.8)

As we come to an end of 2011, will the year mark a historical turning point for international development as we know it, or will this corner not be reached for a couple of years yet? The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) international summit was held ...

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Editorial (22.1)

The world is standing at a major point in its history as I write, with European politicians still deliberating as to how a deepening of the international economic crisis will be averted or at least mitigated. The longer term implications for developing ...

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Editorial (22.2)

Development in Practice prides itself in being one of the most international of development journals, based on both authorship and readership. To reinforce our commitment to this international participation we are pleased to announce that our editor ...

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Editorial (22.8)

In our final issue of the year, at least two of the articles raise issues beyond the immediate subject they deal with. Both touch on issues around the nature of development itself, and the roles of individuals and institutions engaged in development. Th ...

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