Index to Volume 20


Aikman, Sheila: ‘Marching to different rhythms: international NGO collaboration with the state in Tanzania’, 20 (4&5): 498–510

Alvarez, Sophie, Boru Douthwaite, Graham Thiele, Ronald Mackay, Diana Córdoba, and Katherine Tehelen: ‘Participatory Impact Pathways Analysis: a practical method for project planning and evaluation’, 20 (8): 946–57

Anyidoho, Nana Akua: ‘“Communities of practice”: prospects for theory and action in participatory development’, 20 (3): 318–28

Archer, David: ‘The evolution of NGO–government relations in education: ActionAid 1972–2009’, 20 (4&5): 611–18

Audefroy, Joel F.: ‘Post-disaster emergency and reconstruction experiences in Asia and Latin America: an assessment’, 20 (6): 664–77

Banerjee, Subhojit: ‘Project “RAMBO”: an initiative to improve rickshaw pullers’ earnings’, 20 (1): 57–69

Bano, Masooda: ‘Madrasas as partners in education provision: the South Asian experience’, 20 (4&5): 554–66

Baruah, Bipasha: ‘Women and globalisation: challenges and opportunities facing construction workers in contemporary India’, 20 (1): 31–44

Batley, Richard and Pauline Rose: ‘Collaboration in delivering education: relations between governments and NGOs in South Asia’, 20 (4&5): 579–85

Berry, Chris: ‘Working effectively with non-state actors to deliver education in fragile states’, 20 (4&5): 586–93

Brun, Cathrine and Ragnhild Lund: ‘Real-time research: decolonising research practices or just another spectacle of researcher–practitioner collaboration?’, 20 (7): 812–26

Cannon, Barry: ‘Wanted! “Strong publics” for uncertain times: the Active Citizenship in Central America project’, 20 (6): 649–63

Carr, Edward R.: ‘The place of stories in development: creating spaces for participation through narrative analysis’, 20 (2): 219–26

Casely-Hayford, Leslie and Ash Hartwell: ‘Reaching the underserved with complementary education: lessons from Ghana’s state and non-state sectors’, 20 (4&5): 527–39

Coe, Sue and Lorraine Wapling: ‘Practical lessons from four projects on disabilityinclusive development programming’, 20 (7): 879–86

Cohen, Alasdair: ‘The Multidimensional Poverty Assessment Tool: a new framework for measuring rural poverty’, 20 (7): 887–97

Commins, Stephen: ‘Non-state providers, the state, and health in post-conflict fragile states’, 20 (4&5): 594–602

De Beer, Frik: ‘Issues in community conservation: the case of the Barberton Medicinal Plants Project’, 20 (3): 435–45

de Figueirêdo, Hugo Santana Jr and Bryanna Millis: ‘Evaluating competitiveness impacts of regulatory reforms in the Brazilian cashew industry’, 20 (6): 706–19

DeStefano, Joseph, and Audrey-Marie Schuh Moore: ‘The roles of non-state providers in ten complementary education programmes’, 20 (4&5): 511–26

Devereux, Stephen and Katharine Vincent: ‘Using technology to deliver social protection: exploring opportunities and risks’, 20 (3): 367–79

Dhungana, Bishnu Maya and Kyoko Kusakabe: ‘The role of self-help groups in empowering disabled women: a case study in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal’, 20 (7): 855–65

English, Richard: ‘How people can influence government policy – stories from the Caucasus’, 20 (6): 720–25

Erdmann, Thomas K.: ‘Eco-regional conservation and development in Madagascar: a review of USAID-funded efforts in two priority landscapes’, 20 93): 380–94

Faye, Mbène Dièye, John C. Weber, Bayo Mounkoro, and Joseph-Marie Dakouo: ‘Contribution of parkland trees to farmers’ livelihoods: a case study from Mali’, 20 (3): 428–34

Fforde, Adam: ‘Responses to the policy science problem: reflections on the politics of development’, 20 (2): 188–204

Frediani, Alexandre Apsan: ‘Sen’s Capability Approach as a framework to the practice of development’, 20 (2): 173–87

Gaynor, Niamh: ‘“But you can’t compare Malawi and Ireland!”: shifting boundaries in a globalised world’, 20 (3): 342–53

Gellman, Mneesha: ‘World views in peace building: a post-conflict reconstruction challenge in Cambodia’, 20 (1): 85–98

Ghatak, Shambhu: ‘What has the World Development Report 2008 to say about Indian agriculture?’, 20 (1): 131–7

Grainger, Matt: ‘World Summit on Food Security (UN FAO, Rome, 16–18 November 2009)’, 20 (6): 740–42

Guijt, Irene: ‘Rethinking monitoring in a complex messy partnership in Brazil’, 20 (8): 1026–43

Gurung, Barun and Stephen Biggs: ‘Institutional change: the unanticipated consequences of action’, 20 (8): 1013–25

Habermann, Birgit and Margarita Langthaler: ‘Changing the world of development research? An insight into theory and practice’, 20 (7): 771–83

Hadiprayitno, Irene: ‘Food security and human rights in Indonesia’, 20 (1): 122–30

Heffernan, Claire and Jun Yu: ‘ICTs and decision making: findings from the Poverty Assessor’, 20 (2): 287–96

Hellin, Jonathan, Olaf Erenstein, Parvesh Chandna, and John Dixon: ‘Livelihoodsbased impact assessment in the rice–wheat farming system of South Asia’, 20 (8): 933–45

Hooton, Nicholas A.: ‘Linking evidence with user voice for pro-poor policy: lessons from East Africa’, 20 (8): 984–99

Indrawan, Mochamad: ‘World Conservation Congress 2008: Climate Change, Islands, and In-situ Conservation’, 20 (1): 138–41

Jacobs, Alex and Robyn Wilford: ‘Listen First: a pilot system for managing downward accountability in NGOs’, 20 (7): 797–811

Jones, Lauren Ila and Carlos Alberto Torres: ‘Struggles for memory and socialjustice education in Latin America’, 20 (4&5): 567–78

Kassam, Karim-Aly: ‘Practical wisdom and ethical awareness through student experiences of development’, 20 (2): 205–18

Kolawole, Oluwatoyin: ‘Inter-disciplinarity, development studies, and development practice’, 20 (2): 227–39

Lilja, Nina, Patti Kristjanson, and Jamie Watts: ‘Rethinking impact: understanding the complexity of poverty and change – overview’, 20 (8): 917–32

Llewellyn-Fowler,Mary and JohnOverton: ‘“Bread and butter” human rights: NGOs in Fiji’, 20 (7): 827–39

Manyozo, Linje: ‘The day development dies’, 20 (2): 265–9

Martin, Kirsty and Michael Wilmore: ‘Local voices on community radio: a study of “Our Lumbini” in Nepal’, 20 (7): 866–78

McGee, Rosemary: ‘An international NGO representative in Colombia: reflections from practice’, 20 (6): 636–48

Morais, Neavis and Mokbul Morshed Ahmad: ‘Sustaining livelihoods in complex emergencies: experiences of Sri Lanka’, 20 (1): 5–17

Mowles, Chris: ‘Successful or not? Evidence, emergence, and development management’, 20 (7): 757–70

Mowo, Jeremias, Chris Opondo, Adolf Nyaki, and Zenebe Adimassu: ‘Addressing the research–development disconnect: lessons from East and Central African Highlands’, 20 (8): 1000–12

Mundy, Karen, Megan Haggerty, Malini Sivasubramaniam, Suzanne Cherry, and Richard Maclure: ‘Civil society, basic education, and sector-wide aid: insights from Sub-Saharan Africa’, 20 (4&5): 484–97

Nabacwa, Mary Ssonko: ‘Relations between gender-focused NGOs and government: a Ugandan case study’, 20 (3): 395–406

Ntata, Pierson R.: ‘Bridging the hunger gap with cash transfers: experiences from Malawi’, 20 (3): 422–7

Nyangaga, Julius, Terry Smutylo, Dannie Romney, and Patti Kristjanson: ‘Research that matters: outcome mapping for linking knowledge to poverty-reduction actions’, 20 (8): 971–83

Oketch, Moses and Moses Ngware: ‘Free primary education still excludes the poorest of the poor in urban Kenya’, 20 (4&5): 603–10

O’Reilly, Kathleen: ‘Combining sanitation and women’s participation in water supply: an example from Rajasthan’, 20 (1): 45–56

O’Sullivan, Moire: ‘Is this a partnership or a relationship? Concern Worldwide maps the difference’, 20 (6): 734–9

Owen, John R.: ‘“Listening to the rice grow”: the local–expat interface in Laobased international NGOs’, 20 (1): 99–112

Parkinson, Sarah: ‘The learning organisation as a model for rural development’, 20 (3): 329–41

Pearce: Jenny: ‘Is social change fundable? NGOs and theories and practices of social change’, 20 (6): 621–35

Reith, Sally: ‘Money, power, and donor– NGO partnerships’, 20 (3): 446–55

Röling, Niels: ‘The impact of agricultural research: evidence from West Africa’, 20 (8): 958–70

Rose, Pauline: ‘Achieving Education for All through public–private partnerships?’, 20 (4&5): 473–83

Salmon, Ruth and William Eckersley: ‘Where there’s no green man: child road safety education in Ethiopia’, 20 (6): 726–33

Sato, Jin: ‘Matching goods and people: aid and human security after the 2004 tsunami’, 20 (1): 70–84

Schimmel, Noam: ‘Failed aid: how development agencies are neglecting and marginalising Rwandan genocide survivors’, 20 (3): 404–13

Schuler, Sidney Ruth, Farzana Islam, and Elisabeth Rottach: ‘Women’s empowerment revisited: a case study from Bangladesh’, 20 (7): 840–51

Shaw, Judith: ‘Making housemaid remittances work for low-income families in Sri Lanka’, 20 (1): 18–30

Spellberg, Jason and Morgan Kaplan: ‘A rural economic development plan to help the USA win its war on cocaine’, 20 (6): 690–705

Srivastava, Prachi: ‘Public–private partnerships or privatisation? Questioning the state’s role in education in India’, 20 (4&5): 540–53

Starling, Simon: ‘Monitoring and evaluating advocacy: lessons from Oxfam GB’s climatechange campaign’, 20 (2): 277–86

Thomas, Bejoy: ‘Participation in the Knowledge Society: the FOSS Movement compared with participatory development’, 20 (2): 270–6

Tripathy, Jyotirmaya: ‘How gendered is Gender and Development? Culture, masculinity, and gender difference’, 20 (1): 113–21

Ulrich, Hans Peter: ‘Enhancing the effectiveness of international development: a systems approach’, 20 (2): 251–64

Van Mele, Paul, Jonas Wanvoeke, and Espérance Zossou: ‘Enhancing rural learning, linkages, and institutions: the rice videos in Africa’, 20 (3): 414–21

Waters, William F.: ‘Qualitative methods for assessing conditional cash-transfer programmes: the case of Panama’, 20 (6): 678–89

White, Sarah C.: ‘Analysing wellbeing: a framework for development practice’, 20 (2): 158–72

Wong, Sam: ‘Whose lives are worth more? Politicising research safety in developing countries’, 20 (7): 784–96

Yankson, Paul W. K.: ‘Gold mining and corporate social responsibility in the Wassa West district, Ghana’, 20 (3): 354–66

Yi Lee Wong: ‘The Civic Education Project in Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova: the impact of donor dependency’, 20 (2): 240–50

Book reviews

Andersson, Kristen, Gustavo Gordillo de Anda, and Frank van Laerhoven: Local Governments and Rural Development: Comparing Lessons from Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru, 20 (3): 464–6

Aoyama, Kaoru: Thai Migrant Sexworkers: From Modernisation to Globalisation, 20 (1): 151–2

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Goldstein, Andrea: Multinational Companies from Emerging Economies, 20 (6): 744–5

Holt-Giménez, Eric and Raj Patel with Annie Shattuck: Food Rebellions! Crisis and the Hunger for Justice, 20 (7): 907–8

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Linden, Ian: Global Catholicism: Diversity and Change since Vatican II, 20 (6): 746–7

Lucas, Edward: The New Cold War: How the Kremlin Menaces both Russia and the West, 20 (3): 461–2

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Mathiason, John: Internet Governance: The New Frontier of Global Institutions, 20 (2): 310–13

Mitlin, Diana and Sam Hickey (eds.): Rights-Based Approaches to Development: Exploring the Potential and Pitfalls, 20 (7): 912–13

Newman, Michael: Humanitarian Intervention: Confronting the Contradictions, 2 (6): 748–50

Ó Gráda, Cormac: Famine, a Short History, 20 (3): 456–7

Power, Samantha: Chasing the Flame: Sergio Vieira de Mello and the Fight to Save the World, 20 (3): 459–61

Quarry, Wendy and Ricardo Ramírez: Communication for Another Development: Listening before Telling, 20 (2): 304–5

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Ian Smillie: Freedom from Want: The Remarkable Success Story of BRAC, the Global Grassroots Organisation That’s Winning the Fight Against Poverty, 20 (6): 751–3

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Zandvliet, Luc and Mary B. Anderson: Getting it Right: Making Corporate–Community Relations Work, 20 (1): 148–9