Mobilising for Democracy: Citizen Action and the Politics of Public Participation

Schattan P. Coelho, Vera (ed.)
von Lieres, Bettina (ed.)
Zed Books, London, 2010, ISBN: 978-1-84813-446-1, 288 pp.
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Norma De La Cruza

This book is a worthwhile attempt to measure the impact of belonging to civil and non-governmental organisations on people's ability to mobilise, participate and get the tools and understanding to be able to fight for their rights. The experiences of social mobilisation studied in Angola, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa provide a wider view of the phenomenal impact that the combination of development projects and civil rights can have in the daily life of beneficiaries in the long term, as their awareness grows about human rights and the government obligations to provide them with services.

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