Social Protection for the Poor and Poorest: Concepts, Policies, and Politics

Armando Barrientos and David Hulme (eds.)
Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2010, ISBN 978 0 2302 7358 0, 376 pp.
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Mokbul Morshed Ahmad
School of Environment, Resources, and Development, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Anti-poverty programmes in the past proved ineffective because of many reasons, including political clientelism and corruption. Social protection is an extension of anti-poverty policy, and moving progressively towards integrated social protection programmes for the poor and poorest is the main challenge for the future. Social protection is necessary but the point is how to do it and how to finance it. This is a major theme of this well-written book, which covers almost all aspects of social protection. Conceptual and working definitions of social protection have also been elaborated (p. 70).

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