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Impulsando el cambio en las condiciones laborales de las trabajadoras domésticas en el Reino Unido (RU)

El debate entre ONG y activistas sindicales sobre cómo mejorar las condiciones y derechos laborales ha sido dominado por aquellos que impulsan enfoques específicos, argumentando que la mejor vía es a través de códigos empresariales, legislación, organizac ...

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La primera década del Comercio Ético: ¿algo que celebrar?

Este ensayo informa sobre la conferencia celebrada con motivo del décimo aniversario de la Iniciativa de Comercio Ético. Pone énfasis en la ironía de que, justo cuando se han logrado avances en las condiciones de los empleados que trabajan desde sus hogar ...

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The UN World Conference on Human Rights, Vienna, June 1993

Two debates dominated the WCHR: whether human rights are universal or can be culture-specific, and whether respect for human rights is a factor in economic development. The author concentrates particularly on Oxfam's contribution to the Conference, organi ...

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The ethics of immigration controls: issues for development NGOs

It can be argued that immigration restrictions constitute a form of 'global apartheid', ensuring that poorer sections of world society are prevented, by legal and physical force, from sharing in the world's sum of riches. This article seeks to develop thi ...

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Domestic violence, deportation, and women's resistance: notes on managing inter-sectionality

This Practical note describes the work of the Southall Black Sisters, a group, based in London, England, which provides a variety of assistance to, mainly Asian, women who have been victims of domestic violence and abuse. The author discusses how the UK l ...

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Development-induced forced migration: a practical example

Based on primary research, this paper describes the negative human, occupational, and environmental impacts of the Kiraz Dere dam project in Turkey, concluding that financial compensation for people who are displaced by such projects is unlikely in itself ...

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